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ICCB News Release
Public Comment &
Statewide Webinar

The public comment period is now open for the proposed FY25-28 Perkins State Determined Levels of Performance. Submit your comments and join us for a statewide webinar on February 27.

ICC Enrollment Increase

Illinois Community Colleges See First Systemwide Enrollment Increase in More Than a Decade

ICCB News Release

East St. Louis Higher Education Campus Renamed to Honor Urban Renewal Advocate
and Late State Representative Younge.

ILCCO’s Online Learning Conference

Artificial Intelligence: Transforming Education for Tomorrow
Conference recordings now available.

Postsecondary Profiles

Illinois Postsecondary Profiles Now Includes New Equity Profiles to Examine Higher Ed Data

This data and accountability website provides stakeholders with a powerful but user-friendly platform to access information on Enrollment, Affordability, Progress, Advancement, and Completion for 2- and 4-year Illinois higher education institutions. Building on the Institutional, Occupational, and Regional Profiles released previously, the new Equity Profiles component released in February 2022 allows data to be easily explored in new ways via student demographics.

Spring Enrollment 2023
Illinois Community Colleges See Largest Year-to-Year Enrollment Growth in More Than a Decade
Free GED
Illinois Community Colleges See Second Largest Fall-to-Fall Enrollment Increase in 30 Years
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About the Illinois Community College Board

The Illinois Community College Board consists of eleven members appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate for six-year terms. One student member is selected by the ICCB Student Advisory Committee for a one-year term. The Board Chair is selected by the Governor. Board meetings are held six times per year (January, March, May, June, September, and November). July and December meetings are scheduled on a subject-to-call basis.

The Illinois Community College Board utilizes the advice and counsel of all constituent groups of the community college system in establishing policies necessary to implement state statutes. Four organizations representing various community college constituents in the state have been designated as official advisory groups to the Illinois Community College Board. These four organizations are the Illinois Presidents Council, the Illinois Community College Trustees Association, the Illinois Community College Faculty Association, and the ICCB Student Advisory Committee.

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