ICCB partners with the community colleges to augment and sustain a comprehensive centralized data system to furnish information for state and federal accountability purposes, produce metrics to promote student and institutional improvement, meet research needs, and formulate policy. Illinois community colleges are multipurpose institutions with the capacity to offer college preparatory courses , short-term continuing education, retraining, certificate and degree programs for high demand jobs, and associate’s degrees for career preparation or transfer to bachelor’s degree programs. Community colleges are diverse throughout Illinois and exist to meet the needs of the communities they serve. As a result, programs offered at community colleges vary across the state.

When utilizing metric data, please note the district populations and economic conditions are unique to each community college. Additionally, Illinois community colleges are open admission institutions and student college readiness and academic preparation vary from district to district. Education and workforce outcomes, for the most part, should not be compared across institutions. Rather, analysis of linear and incremental progress at each community college is strongly encouraged.