Comprehensive Data Books are produced by the ICCB in partnership with the Illinois Community College System.  The objective of the Data Book is to provide useful summaries of data by community college.  Student and Employee Data Book Tables are primarily obtained from individual-level MIS submissions and compiled by ICCB to produce summary-level data.  Fiscal and facilities tables are primarily captured through summary-level MIS submissions to the ICCB.  In keeping with the Illinois Community College System’s interest in transparency and accountability, beginning with the 2009 Data Book, tables are provided in downloadable Excel spreadsheet format.

Accessing the Data Book — Choose the fiscal year of interest from below and then select one of the five sections (Section I: Fall Student Characteristics; Section II: Faculty and Staff Data; Section III: Annual Student Enrollment and Completion Data; Section IV: Financial Data; and Section V: Facilities Data*)

*Facilities Data available through 2017 only.

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Thank you for your interest in the Illinois Community College System – We hope you enjoy the interactive format and welcome suggestions for improving the portal.  Special acknowledgment goes to local community college officials for their assistance in providing the data and information needed to compile these tables.  Institutional researchers, information technology professionals, financial officers, facilities managers, officials from admission and records, human resource professionals, and others all make important contributions.  If you have requests for other data or suggestions for additions or deletions, please contact the ICCB office – Jay.Brooks@Illinois.Gov.