The Benefits Navigator role is outlined in Public Act 102-1045, section 50. This act requires each public institution of higher education in Illinois to designate a member of staff to serve as a Benefits Navigator to help students in need determine eligibility for benefit programs and identify campuswide and community resource support by January 1, 2023.

Benefits Navigator roles are in response to increased student needs for basic needs support. Institutions are required to provide training for the Benefits Navigators. Additionally Benefit Navigators must participate in a statewide community college consortium facilitated by the Illinois Community College Board. Additional HOUSE Liaison responsibilities are detailed in P.A. 102-1045, section 50.

State Law

IL Public Act 102-1045 Benefits Navigator Legislation

Additional Resources

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If you have any questions about the Benefits Navigator program, please contact Deana Schenk, Senior Director for Student Success and Learning Renewal,, or Mackenzie Montgomery, Director for Student Success,