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The 2018-2023 Illinois Adult Education Strategic 5-Year Plan

Expanding Career Pathway Opportunities in Adult Education: Strategic Directions for Illinois, the Illinois Adult Education Strategic Five-Year Plan for 2018-2023, was released 1/31/18.

Priority Action Plan

Following the submission of the Expanding Career Pathways Opportunities in Adult Education: Strategic Directions for Illinois 2018-2023 in January 2018 by the Statewide Task Force on the Future Direction of Adult Education and Literacy within the Illinois Community College Board (ICCB), ICCB launched a follow-up planning process assembling the Adult Education and Literacy Five-Year Strategic Plan Action Subcommittee. The 40+ members of the Strategic Action Plan Subcommittee represented a broad representation of critical stakeholders. The charge to the subcommittee was to help operationalize the Adult Education Strategic Plan by developing a complementary Priority Action Plan. This draft action plan includes a detailed set of priority action steps connected and organized across the four overall strategic goals and objectives.

Draft Strategic Priority Action Plan

All comments and feedback are welcome and should be submitted to Nora Rossman at: 

The public comment period will be open through April 20, 2018. Following the public comment period, final edits will be made to the Priority Action Plan and submitted to ICCB for board approval in June.

Illinois Adult Education Strategic Plan Task Force Meeting
Resolved by the Senate of the one hundredth General Assembly of the State of Illinois, the House of Representatives Concurring Herein, that there is created the Statewide Task Force on the Future of Adult Education and Literacy system within the Illinois Community College Board. As required under Senate Joint Resolution (SJR) 40, the purpose of the task force is to provide input on the next strategic direction of the state’s Adult Education program with the development of a five-year Strategic Plan.

The link below provides access to information about the Adult Education Strategic Plan Task Force including the agenda for each meeting, Power Points, list of members/directory, Senate Joint Resolution 40, National Trends and other resources and supporting materials.  For questions, please contact Jennifer K. Foster at or 217-785-0171.

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About the Illinois Community College Board

The Illinois Community College Board consists of eleven members appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate for six-year terms. One student member is selected by the ICCB Student Advisory Committee for a one-year term. The Board Chair is selected by the Governor. Board meetings are held six times per year (January, March, May, June, September, and November). July and December meetings are scheduled on a subject-to-call basis.

The Illinois Community College Board utilizes the advice and counsel of all constituent groups of the community college system in establishing policies necessary to implement state statutes. Four organizations representing various community college constituents in the state have been designated as official advisory groups to the Illinois Community College Board. These four organizations are the Illinois Presidents Council, the Illinois Community College Trustees Association, the Illinois Community College Faculty Association, and the ICCB Student Advisory Committee.

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