My name is René Juárez-Cuevas, I am a student member of the ICCB from Parkland College in Champaign, Illinois. I am in my sophomore year at Parkland and originally attended ALAH High School in Arthur, Illinois. I am currently involved in numerous student organizations including the Parkland Honors Program and the Student Government Association. I have been fortunate enough to earn multiple leadership positions during my time at Parkland including co-president of the Cobra Investment Society.

Additionally, I have learned to work diligently and strategically in my current position as ESG Intern for Busey Bank in Champaign, Illinois. I hope I can use these skills to aid the ICCB to the best of my abilities during my term as a student member of the Board. I look forward to the opportunity to serve and ensure that I will have my best intentions at heart. Thank you.