446th Meeting of the
Illinois Community College Board

Marriott Bloomington-Normal Hotel & Conference Center
Room Redbird F/G
201 Broadway
Normal, IL

June 4, 2021

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9:00 a.m.

  1. Roll Call and Declaration of Quorum
  2. Announcements and Remarks by Dr. Laz Lopez, Board Chair
  3. Board Member Comments
    3.1 Illinois Board of Higher Education Report: Dr. Teresa Garate
  4. Nomination of the Illinois Community College Board Vice Chair (ACTION)
  5. Executive Director Report: Dr. Brian Durham
    5.1 Illinois Community College Board Goals Update
  6. Advisory Organizations
    6.1 Illinois Community College Trustees Association: Mr. Jim Reed
    6.2 Illinois Council of Community College Presidents: Dr. Sylvia Jenkins
  7. Comittee Reports
    7.1 Academic, Workforce, and Student Support: Ms. Paige Ponder
    — 7.1a GED Online Proctored “OP” Test Price Change (ACTION)
  8. Economic Impact Study Presentation: Mr. Nathan Wilson
  9. Legislative and Budget Update: Mr. Matt Berry and Ms. Jennifer Franklin
  10. New Units of Instruction: Dr. Marcus Brown (ACTION)
    10.1 Elgin Community College, Frontier Community College, John Wood College, Richard J. Daley College, South Suburban College, Triton College, Joliet Junior College
  11. Adoption of Minutes (ACTION)
    11.1 Minutes of the March 26, 2021 Board Meeting
    11.2 Minutes of the April 30, 2021 Special Board Meeting
  12. Consent Agenda (ACTION)
    12.1 Calendar Year 2022 Board Meeting Dates and Locations
    12.2 Authorization to Enter into Interagency Contracts and/or Agreements
    12.3 Authorization to Transfer Funds Among Line Items
    12.4 Authorization to Enter into Contracts for Office Operations
    12.5 ICCB Employee Guidebook Updates
  13. Information Items
    13.1 Fiscal Year 2021 Financial Statements
    13.2 Workforce Consolidation Feasibility Study Report
    13.3 Basic Certificate Program Approval Approved on Behalf of the Board by the Executive Director
    13.4 Statewide Articulation Agreement with the University of Northern Iowa
    13.5 ICCB Administrative Rules – Update of Required Reports & Due Dates
  14. Other Business
  15. Public Comment
  16. Executive Session (ACTION)
    16.1 Employment/Appointment Matters
  17. Executive Session Recommendations (ACTION)
    17.1 Employment/Appointment Matters
  18. Adjournment