Development Education Reform Act (DERA) Implementation Project (posted February 7, 2023)


The Illinois Community College Board (ICCB) invites community colleges to participate in the Developmental Education Reform Act (DERA) Implementation Project by applying for grants, which are GATA-exempt (as noted on the title page), up to $100,000 per institution. ICCB will fund a maximum of $700,000 to selected community colleges to incentivize the convening of individual campus level implementation of DERA requirements and regional communities of practice focused on DERA implementation. DERA, as part of Illinois Public Act 101-0654, was signed into law in March 2021.

This project is designed to assist and support colleges in scaling equitable, evidence-based models of developmental education reform, based upon DERA requirements and to address specific implementation challenges focused on multiple measures placement.

Grant Period: The initial grant period is from April 3, 2023 – June 30, 2024, with the option for renewal with consent of both parties in writing and subject to continued funding.

Application Due Date: Each grant application package must be submitted no later than March 17, 2023, by 4:30 p.m. CST to

Program Lead: Deana Schenk, Senior Director for Learning Renewal, Illinois Community College Board, 401 E. Capitol Avenue, Springfield, IL 62701, (217) 524-5502,


Application Materials:

Developmental Education Reform Act (DERA) Implementation Project NOFO

Grant Application

Project Budget

DERA Implementation Project FAQ (updated 3/15/2023)