Agenda 438th
Meeting of the
Illinois Community College Board

Harry L. Crisp II Community College Center
Second Floor Conference Room
401 East Capitol Avenue
Springfield, IL

January 24, 2020

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9:00 a.m.

  1. Roll Call and Declaration of Quorum
  2. Announcements and Remarks by Dr. Laz Lopez, Board Chair
  3. Board Member Comments
    3.1 Illinois Board of Higher Education Report
  4. Executive Director Report
    4.1 Illinois Green Economy Network Update
    4.2 Illinois Community College Board Goals Update
    ** Midyear Board Goals Update Presentation
  5. Committee Reports
    5.1 Academic, Workforce, and Student Support
    5.1a Perkins V State Plan
    ** Perkins V State Plan Draft
    5.1b WIOA – Illinois Unified State Plan
    ** WIOA State Plan Draft
    ** Perkins V State Plan & WIOA Illinois Unified State Plan Presentation
    5.1c State and Federal Grant Update
    ** State and Federal Grant Update Presentation
    5.2 Finance, Operations, and External Affairs
    5.2a Approval of the Spring 2020 Legislative Agenda (ACTION)
  6. Advisory Organizations
    6.1 Illinois Council of Community College Presidents
    6.2 Illinois Community College Faculty Association
    6.3 Student Advisory Council
    6.4 Illinois Community College Trustees Association
    6.5 Adult Education and Family Literacy
  7. New Units (ACTION)
    7.1 Permanent Approval: Carl Sandburg College, City Colleges of Chicago: Richard J. Daley College, Wilbur Wright College, Illinois Central College, Kankakee Community College, Kishwaukee College, Lake Land College, Lincoln Land Community College, Moraine Valley Community College
    7.2 Temporary Approval: Waubonsee Community College
  8. Adoption of Minutes (ACTION)
    8.1 Minutes of the September 20, 2019 Board Meeting
  9. Consent Agenda (ACTION)
    9.1 Fiscal Year 2020 Community College Capital Budget
    9.2 Approval of Trustee Training Program
    9.3 Revisions to the Comprehensive Agreement Regarding Expansion of Educational Resources (CAREER) Agreement
    9.4 Illinois Community College Board Cooperative Agreements
    9.4a South Suburban College and Ingalls Memorial Hospital
    9.4b Triton College and the Illinois Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Renewable Energy Fund, Inc.
  10. Information Items
    10.1 Fiscal Year 2019 and 2020 Financial Statements
    10.2 2019 Fall Enrollment Report
    10.3 FY2018 Federal Adult Education and Literacy Narrative and Performance Report
    10.4 Basic Certificate Program Approval approved on behalf of the Board by the Executive Director
    10.5 IBHE/ICCB – Report to Legislature on SJR 22 (Transfer) and the STAR Act
    10.6 Proposed Amendments to the Illinois Community College Board Administrative Rules:
    10.6a Dual Credit
  11. Other Business
  12. Public Comment
  13. Executive Session (ACTION)
    13.1 Employment/Appointments Matters
  14. Executive Session Recommendations (ACTION)
    14.1 Employment/Appointment Matters
  15. Adjournment