Governor Bruce Rauner
Chair Dr. Lazaro Lopez
Executive Director Dr. Karen Hunter Anderson

Celebrating 50 Years!

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Requests

The Illinois Community College Board (ICCB) is the state coordinating agency for the 39 public community college districts and one community college center. The ICCB has statutory responsibility for the statewide planning and coordination of the community college system and administering state grants to the community college districts.

The ICCB also has statutory responsibility to administer state and federal Adult Education and Family Literacy programs and GED Testing for Illinois.

The Illinois Community College System appropriation from the state’s general funds for the ICCB’s Fiscal Year 2018 budget is  $311,179,200.

The Board consists of 12 members, 11 of whom are appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the state Senate for terms of six years. One student member is selected annually by the ICCB Student Advisory Committee. The Governor also appoints the Chair of the ICCB.

The Board is assisted by an Executive Director and staff of approximately 50 located in Springfield with satellite offices in Chicago and Herrin. Board staff work with the colleges, state agencies, the Legislature, and the Office of the Governor to support the Board in carrying out its responsibilities.

Illinois Community College Board Members are:

Dr. Lazaro Lopez, Chair Term expires June 30, 2019
Terry L. Bruce, Vice Chair Term expires June 30, 2021
Guy H. Alongi Term expires June 30, 2021
James L. Ayers Term expires June 30, 2023
John Bambenek Term expires June 30, 2019
Teresa Garate Term expires June 30, 2019
Dustin Heuerman Term expires June 30, 2019
Nicholas Kachiroubas Term expires June 30, 2021
Ann P. Kalayil Term expires June 30, 2017
Suzanne Morris Term expires June 30, 2021
J. Douglas Mraz Term expires June 30, 2021


Submitting a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Request:
Requests must be submitted in writing and can be either e-mailed to:

Or mailed to:
Matt Berry
Freedom of Information Act Officer
Illinois Community College Board
401 E. Capitol Ave.
Springfield, Illinois 62701-1711

The Illinois Public Community College Act

ICCB System Rules Manual (last updated: May 4, 2018)

Advisory Groups and Partners