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401 East Capitol Avenue
Springfield, Illinois 62701-1711
Telephone: (217) 785-0123
Fax: (217) 524-4981
TDD: (217) 782-5645
James R. Thompson Center
(JRTC) 100 W. Randolph Street,
Ste. 2-010
Chicago, Illinois 60601
Fax: (312) 814-8943
Dr. Brian Durham Executive Director 217-785-0020
Ann Knoedler Assistant to the Executive Director 217-785-0013
Matt Berry Chief of Staff 217-785-7411
Leann Arsenault Associate Director for Administration 217-524-3551
Jennifer Foster Deputy Executive Director 217-785-0171
Nora Rossman Office Administrator 217-558-4679
Teresa Miller Office Support Assistant 217-785-0159
Jennifer Franklin Deputy Director for Finance & Administration 217-785-0031
Jeff Newell Deputy Director for Information Technology 217-558-2066
Whitney Thompson Deputy Director for Workforce Education 217-558-0318
Nathan Wilson Deputy Director for Academic & Institutional Effectiveness 217-558-2067
Executive Fax 217-785-7495
Academic Affairs & Student Services
Marcus Brown Senior Director for Academic Affairs & Student Services 217-524-5503 
Melvin Harrison Director for Academic Affairs 217-785-5003
Tricia Broughton Associate Director for Academic Affairs 217-785-0082
Mackenzie Montgomery Director for Student Services 217-557-7119 
Adult Education & Literacy
Kathy L. Olesen-Tracey Senior Director for Adult Education and Literacy 217-557-2740
Nelson Aguiar Associate Director for ESL & Immigrant Issues 217-785-0213
Ben Greer Associate Director for Adult Education—Program Support Specialist – Region I (Chicago) 312-814-8977
James Flaherty Associate Director for Adult Education—Program Support Specialist – Region II (Chicago) 312-814-5950
Cecilia A. Elhaddad Associate Director for Adult Education
—Data System Support
Career & Technical Education (CTE)
Natasha Allan Senior Director for Career &
Technical Education
Janelle Jones Director for CTE 217-785-0068
Ann Storey Associate Director for CTE 217-558-4635
Angela Gerberding Associate Director for Integrated Career Programs 217-558-2162
Finance and Operations
Zula Lee Senior Director for Finance and Operations 217-785-0258 
Jahdzia Diaz Assistant Director for Finance and Operations 217-785-0085
Zachary Vespa Account Technician II 217-558-5670
Lori Batson Office Support Associate 217-785-0123
Financial Compliance
Kris Pickford Senior  Director for Financial Compliance 217-558-4680
Alex Fuller Associate Director for Financial Compliance 217-524-0504
Jane Black Associate Director for Grants Management 217-785-0089
High School Equivalency
Caitlyn Barnes Director for High School Equivalency 217-524-9788 
James Edwards Director for Cook County HSE Records Office (Chicago) 312-814-3689
Angelica Jimenez Associate Director for Cook County HSE Records Office (Chicago) 312-814-3666
Mbu Museu Assistant Director for Cook County HSE Records Office (Chicago) 312-814-3674
Cook County High School Equivalency Line (Chicago) 312-814-4488
Illinois High School Equivalency Line 217-558-5668
Information Technology
Jerry Follis Senior Director for Information Technology 217-782-3994
Gracelyn Roman Applications Programmer III 217-524-6894
Thao Le Applications Programmer III 217-785-0093 
Charles Yocom Applications Programmer III 217-785-0147  
Professional and Technical Services
Todd Jorns Senior Director for Professional and Technical Services 217-785-0144
Research and Policy Studies
Jay Brooks Senior Director for Research and Policy Studies (Herrin) 618-942-7460
Michelle Dufour Associate Director for Research and Policy Studies 217-782-9574
Jana Ferguson Associate Director for Research and Policy Studies 217-558-2163
Samuel Miller Associate Director for Research and Policy Studies 217-558-1876
Workforce Development
Lavon Nelson Senior Director for Workforce Development 217-557-2742

Last Updated 6/1/21