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Expanding Career Pathway Opportunities in Adult Education: Strategic Directions for Illinois, the Illinois Adult Education Strategic Five-Year Plan for 2018-2023, was released 1/31/18.


Illinois Adult Education Strategic Plan Task Force Meeting
Resolved by the Senate of the one hundredth General Assembly of the State of Illinois, the House of Representatives Concurring Herein, that there is created the Statewide Task Force on the Future of Adult Education and Literacy system within the Illinois Community College Board. As required under Senate Joint Resolution (SJR) 40, the purpose of taskforce is to provide input on the next strategic direction of the state’s Adult Education program with the development of a five-year Strategic Plan.

The link below provides access to information about the Adult Education Strategic Plan Task Force including the agenda for each meeting, Power Points, list of members/directory, Senate Joint Resolution 40, National Trends and other resources and supporting materials.  For questions, please contact Jennifer K. Foster at or 217-785-0171.

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About Illinois Adult Education

Economic and demographic changes are dramatically increasing the need for adult education, literacy, and English as a Second Language programs. Millions of Illinois residents lack the literacy skills that they need to obtain good jobs and to function well in an increasingly complex society. There is a direct correlation between higher literacy levels and higher income, numbers of weeks worked, children’s success in school, and individual and family health. Large numbers of immigrants have come to this country seeking education, work, and a higher quality of life, yet many of these immigrants do not have the English literacy or other skills to enable them to meet social, educational, and work demands. To address the scope and diversity of need for adult education and literacy skills by both individuals and employers requires a strategy involving a variety of providers. Community colleges, public schools, community-based organizations and others each are uniquely suited to provide the education and services needed by various groups of adult learners.

FY 2018 Adult Education and Literacy Request for Proposals

FY 2018 Adult Education and Literacy Funded Provider Directory

FY 2018 Adult Education and Literacy Provider Manual

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