To increase accountability efforts and to promote analysis of student and college outcomes ICCB develops dynamic analytic tools to access information deriving from its Centralized Data System.  ICCB also securely links data with partner state agencies to enhance their analytic tools and reports.  Other analytic tools are available at the federal and national level with data that derive from Illinois community college administrative data systems and/or ICCB’s Centralized Data System.

Under each heading below are analytic tools available through the ICCB, partner agencies, and/or federal/national entities.  Please note ICCB has developed some analytic tools that are access-controlled and are only available to Illinois community colleges.

When utilizing analytic tools, please note the district populations and economic conditions are unique to each community college. Additionally, Illinois community colleges are open admission institutions and student college readiness and academic preparation vary from district to district. Education and workforce outcomes, for the most part, should not be compared across institutions. Rather, analysis of linear and incremental progress at each community college is strongly encouraged.