As part of program support, we provide Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) to the field. This helps facilitate effective communication and improves the understanding of Adult Education policy. This FAQ has been compiled over several months of responses to the field of Adult Education in Illinois.


Q1. Can my program provide services outside of our APC using AEFL funds?

A1. If a program wishes to provide services outside of its established APC, it would need to apply with a separate grant application. In other words, the program would need to produce an application in its current APC in addition to an application in the APC in which it would like to provide services. This can only be done during a competitive process, not during a continuation year. This does not prohibit the program’s attendance at APC meetings in other APCs. In fact, if a program is considering making application outside of the current APC in upcoming years, ICCB encourages the program to attend these other APC meetings.

Once the ICCB has a competitive process, both agencies are free to apply for funds in any APC that they intend to provide services.