Governor Bruce Rauner
Chair Dr. Lazaro Lopez
Executive Director Dr. Karen Hunter Anderson

Illinois Community College Board

Dual Credit

Dual credit is a process, dual credit is a tool, and dual credit is a solution. Dual credit amplifies the usefulness and applicability of the 11th and 12th grades, maximizes state and local educational resources, and provides a platform that fosters secondary and postsecondary collaboration and interdependence. By aligning program content and reducing curricular duplication, dual credit impacts the way educators, students and institutions connect. It builds on the cooperation developed through previous articulation structures and raises interaction to a higher level. Secondary-to-postsecondary program linkages are strengthened and what develops is a truly seamless program that engages faculty at both levels in the structuring, planning, and teaching of a truly integrated program of study.

Dual Credit – An instructional arrangement where an academically qualified student currently enrolled in high school enrolls in a college-level course and, upon successful course completion, concurrently earns both college credit and high school credit (see ICCB Rule 1501.507(b)(11)-Credit Hour Claims).

Dual Credit Administrative Rules

Dual Enrollment– An academically qualified student who is still enrolled in high school also enrolls in a college level course at the community college. Upon successful course completion the student exclusively earns college credit. No high school credits are earned.

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