Scott Rhine

scott rhine photoScott Rhine is an industry-certified, award winning, 20 year veteran IT Instructor from Lake Land College.  Throughout the years he has taught (and still teaches) a wide variety of classes from networking to operating systems to animation, game development, video production, and basically everything that no one else wants to teach.  His courses are high-tech, constantly changing, and are regularly updated (sometimes during the class itself).

Scott has always been a forward thinking instructor and has developed 5 new degrees and certificates and more than 20 new classes at Lake Land.  He has also created 3 unique lab spaces: the Network Lab (also used for game development and animation), the Video Production Lab, and an Innovation Lab.  The Innovation Lab is the newest creation and contains two 3D printers, two computer controlled milling machines, a host of tools and electronics supplies and countless projects (some complete and some still in progress).  The lab space is unique on campus and is a significant draw for tech-oriented students of all majors.

Scott’s passions are teaching, exploring, creating, and tinkering with just about anything that he can get his hands on.  If you visit his labs you will see the mayhem, destruction and collateral damage caused by these passions.