Mark DuBois


Mark DuBois established the ICC Web curriculum in 1999. ICC is recognized as having the first accredited AAS degree in web systems in the world. Mark also created the first accredited certificate in Rich Internet Application development. ICC has been recognized as a Web Professional Academy since 2006. If you are curious what characterizes a web professional, there is a blog post. Mark has been coding HTML since 1992 (fewer than 500 people in the world can say that). He serves as the Executive Director for, is an Adobe Education Leader, was co-chair of the Education Task Force of the Web Standards Project and is a member of various W3C committees (such as HTML5, media extensions and WebEd). Mark supervises the Illinois Web Design Contest every April (held in Springfield) and the national Web Design Contest every June (held in Louisville). Mark also participated in the international web design contest in São Paulo, Brazil in August, 2015 as an invited expert in web design (the only expert representing the US). Visit his weblog to learn more about his travels and thoughts about technologies. Mark has taught at almost all Working Connections in Illinois (and some in other states as well).