Game Design and Game Development with GameMaker Studio, Unity and Unreal

Video games are serious business!  They’re also a ton of fun!  The industry keeps on maturing as it grows.  In the last decade gamification has been applied to almost every aspect of daily life and is not going anywhere.  So why not spend a week learning the modern-day tools and tricks of the trade?

GameMaker Studio (

  • Tool used solely for creating 2D games
  • Learn its easy drag-and-drop style interface
  • Start to develop games using its JavaScript-like programming language
  • Make classic games like Pong and Frogger

Unity (

  • Tool used for creating 2D and 3D games
  • Develop using JavaScript and/or C#
  • Make games like BreakOut and Plants vs. Zombies

Unreal (

  • Tool used mainly for creating 3D games
  • Learn its Blueprints drag-and-drop style interface
  • Develop using C++
  • Make games of a “Room Escape” style

Please note that exact topics and games developed may be changed based on the needs of the participants.  A basic understanding of programming logic and constructs is presumed.

Contact Bradley Sward at for more information.

Registration Fee$600.00