Complete College America (CCA), established in 2009, is a national nonprofit that aims to increase the graduation number and rate of college students. Illinois was in the first group of states to join the initiative and be part of the CCA Alliance of States. To advance higher education graduation rates, CCA officials developed a series of metrics identified under three categories: Progress (PM), Outcomes (OM), and Context (CM).  Generally, each metric has subsets including full-time/part-time status, race/ethnicity, gender, age groups, remedial status at entry, and Pell recipient status. ICCB generates the entire set of metrics for the state and each community college utilizing its Centralized Data System.

For access to summary-level statewide Progress, Outcome, and Context metrics select Illinois Community College Statewide CCA Outcomes below.  To compare Illinois outcomes to other participating CCA states select State Comparison CCA Outcomes below.  If you are affiliated with an Illinois community college and would like access to Illinois community college-level metric data, select CCA Web Portal below.  The CCA Web Portal is maintained by the ICCB and is access-controlled.  To request access please contact a member of the ICCB Research and Policy Studies Staff.

To track educational attainment progress, ICCB and Illinois community colleges have set annual postsecondary credential benchmarks through 2025 to ensure the state meets workforce demand for higher education certificates and degrees. To view the Illinois Community College System’s progress as part of Illinois’ goal of 60% by 2025, please go to ICCB’s dedicated 60% by 2025 webpage.