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CTE Month Day 28

DAY 28- CTE is Always a Priority- Not Just in February

This year, on February 23, marked the 100th Anniversary for the Smith-Hughes Act which laid the foundation for career and technical education in America.  As we covered in yesterday’s post, the Perkins Act has since been the champion for students pursuing careers in the evolving fields of health, information technology, manufacturing, and countless others. Recently, Advance CTE captured how states and local districts and schools were celebrating and raising awareness for CTE in their “This Week in CTE” blog series. Check it out! They also look to the future and discuss a plan for CTE over the next century. To learn more about their shared vision for CTE and what you can do to keep policymakers engaged, click here.

The Office of Community College Research and Leadership (OCCRL) is celebrating CTE Month through a four-part blog series. Part four centers around the importance and opportunities for rural career and technical education programs and students.
Valuing Career and Technical Education in Rural Communities

“Educational aspirations and/or economic necessity more often serve as an impetus for rural youth to leave their home communities… CTE programs have tremendous value for rural students and communities. CTE programs and the institutions that support them are vital in creating opportunities for rural students and supporting rural economies. The Rural Community College Alliance provides advocacy and support for community and tribal colleges serving rural populations…”

                                                                                              –Marci Rockey

Please read the full blog here. The ICCB partners with OCCRL on research projects throughout the year, mainly focusing on equity issues concerning access and participation in the community college system. To learn more about OCCRL and their current research projects and publications, please visit their website.