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CTE Month Day 26

Day 26 – CTE Spotlight: Triton College

Triton College is now offering a new Biotechnology Laboratory Technician Associate of Applied Science Degree Program. This innovative program provides practical training that will have students on their way toward earning a competitive salary while helping to create solutions that will improve the lives of people across the world.   

So what exactly is Biotech?
“Biotech is basically the use life sciences to come up with solutions for society,” said Amit Shukla, Triton College Renewable Energy Program Developer.
In short, if it’s alive, it’s biotechnology. Studying the plants, animals, air and water around us and figuring out how they can be used to create new medicines, better fuels, more efficient agriculture techniques and healthier foods are a few examples of biotechnology.

How does Triton’s Biotech Program work?
In just four semesters, you’ll gain the skills needed to succeed as a technician in a lab setting in industries ranging from pharmaceuticals, food production, agriculture and biofuel Unlike the theory-based curriculum taught in many other science degree programs, Triton’s biotech course focuses on providing vocational training that teaches specific skills in a hands-on, practical way. For example, in the Biotechnology Laboratory Techniques courses, lab and lecture components will combine to teach students how to culture bacteria, identify the presence of microorganisms in various samples and analyze DNA.

Triton is also creating partnerships with other institutions, including Illinois State University, Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville and Illinois Institute of Technology, that will allow students to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Biological sciences, once they leave Triton. Major multinational organizations such as Archer Daniel Midland, BioRad, Honeywell UOP, iBio, Horizon Pharmaceutical and Medix are also on Triton’s Biotech Program Advisory Committee.

To learn more about Triton’s Biotechnology Program click here.