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Illinois Community College Board

CTE Month Day 24

DAY 24: OCCRL Blog Series: 3- Why Should You Care About Work-Based Learning?

“Work-Based Learning (WBL) programs allow students to create a well-rounded learning experience through traditional education as well as gain career and technical skills. There are four key elements to a successful WBL program: doing work that matters to someone, doing work with adults who care, doing work that is challenging, and having compensation tied to real market value (Chicago Public Schools, n.d.).”

“Fuller Hamilton (2015) highlights the important role WBL opportunities play in students’ career development. Specifically, Fuller Hamilton states: ‘Exposing students to information on careers beginning in the early elementary grades, continuing career exploration into the middle grades, expanding into career preparation in the early high school years, and providing specific career training in the late high school years and beyond are essential in providing high quality preparation for college and careers.’ (Fuller Hamilton, 2015, p.3).”

“Whether you’re a student, administrator, or employer, in the spirit of CTE Month® 2017, take time to explore WBL options and/or possible partnerships in your area…” –  Devean R. Owens

Please read the full blog here. The ICCB partners with OCCRL on research projects throughout the year, mainly focusing on equity issues concerning access and participation in the community college system. To learn more about OCCRL and their current research projects and publications, please visit their website.