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CTE Month Day 9

Day 9: College Spotlight featuring Rend Lake College
Background check: MVPD leaders trace careers back to Rend Lake College
INA, Ill. (Jan. 28, 2017) – Honor, integrity and community are the building blocks Mt. Vernon Police Department Chief Chris Deichman and Assistant Chief Trent Page are highlighting in their own department and are also encouraging current and future Rend Lake College Criminal Justice Students to embrace for success.
Both Deichman and Page are Rend Lake College graduates, studying Criminal Justice before becoming fixtures in the place they grew up, putting on the uniform and vowing to serve and protect….

…“Over the last few years we have really made an effort to focus on working with our community college partners. Most of the colleges in this region have been very receptive. Rend Lake College is no exception. Ron Meek [RLC Criminal Justice Associate Professor] has been great about letting us get in front of students to present. We are just really trying to generate some interest in our department to get some prospective employees, because the ones that are from here are more likely to stay here. And, at the end of the day, that’s a better investment for us as an employer.”… click here to continue reading.

For more information about RLC’s Criminal Justice Program, contact Ron Meek at 618-437-5321, Ext. 1239, or email You can also visit: