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DAY 11 – STEM Weekend: featuring College of Lake County 

This weekend we will be featuring STEM pathways and activities around the state.


College of Lake County is holding an all-day event designed for school groups, scout groups, youth groups and individual girls On February 25th. The program seeks to motivate middle school and high school girls interested in STEM careers to become innovative and creative thinkers and to pursue careers in this area. Presenters include CLC faculty members from a variety of academic areas plus other professional experts and teachers.  Although this event targets girls, due to low participation by females in STEM fields, the event is open to all students, grades 7-12.

Participants can select from a variety of presentation topics, including chemistry, biology, lasers, medical imaging, engineering, nursing, math, computer aided design and more. Each session will provide hands-on, practical experiences. In addition, a STEM for Parents session will be held at the same time, featuring topics of interest for families with children interested in STEM fields. For more information on the full article:

DAY 12- STEM Weekend: featuring College of DuPage

Let’s Not Forget Technicians in the Technology of STEM

This article, written by College of DuPage’s Bob Clark, Assistant Professor of the HVACR program, is featured in the NEMA Currents, a blog of the electro industry.  Professor Clark emphasizes how the skilled workforce in America is changing and how the demand for skilled workforce jobs is growing at a fast pace as workers are being displaced by technology and the wave of retirements. During this substantial shift, technician careers is an area of education that requires more federal marketing and support. Technicians are in high demand for every industry. In technology education, there is currently not enough emphasis to influence and educate our youth about these exciting, high-demand careers. As our economy evolves towards automation and energy efficiency, we will need more support in terms of marketing technician careers through Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) programs.
The College of DuPage in Glen Ellyn is working with their local workforce boards to develop a cohort model technician training program for maintenance workers. The College is also developing a marketing and recruitment campaign to build awareness for this field in the community K-12 schools.

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