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HSE Transcripts & Certificates & Verifications

Illinois HSE  records are not centralized but are located at (and Transcripts and Certificates are issued by) the Regional Offices of Education* (ROE), so you must first determine the correct ROE to contact.

  • If the test was completed before January 1, 2014 (and was not taken on computer), contact the ROE* for the county where the test was taken.
  • If the test was completed after January 1, 2014 (or was taken on computer in 2012/2013), contact the ROE* for the county of residence at the time of test completion.

*The Cook County High School Equivalency Records Office acts as the HSE custodian of record for Cook County.

You can use our ROE Locator to search by city or county for the correct office to contact. Or, you may download this listing of ROEs and the counties they serve: Illinois ROE-County Directory to obtain contact information for the appropriate office.

If you have not yet taken the high school level Constitution Test, contact your ROE for more information on where you can register to do so.


Illinois HSE Administrator’s Office Contact Information
Telephone: 217-558-5668
Fax: 217-558-6700