Governor Bruce Rauner
Chair Dr. Lazaro Lopez
Executive Director Dr. Karen Hunter Anderson

Illinois Community College Board

Professional Development

As part of program support, we provide Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) to the field. This helps facilitate effective communication and improves the understanding of Adult Education policy. This FAQ has been compiled over several months of responses to the field of Adult Education in Illinois.


Q1. Are there any specific directions for developing a Professional Development Plan, or do we develop the plan from our program specific needs?

A1. The Professional Development Plan should be tailored to the program’s needs. ICCB states that the number one priority of a plan should be local professional development activities that reflect state priorities as well as program and individual staff needs. There are many questions the ICCB suggests for use in creating a plan, and they can be found in the AEFL Provider Manual on page 92.


Q2. Is there an equivalency (such as years of service teaching adult education) to the Bachelors Degree requirement?

A2. NOTE: Beginning in FY07, professional development requirements for teachers will be required. Professional development requirements, new teacher orientation and BA requirements are recommendations only for FY06. This applies to questions 5-10.

No, there is not an equivalency, but current instructors are exempt from the requirement for as long as he/she remains with their current institution. Instructors who leave an institution after the onset of this rule will lose his/her exempt status and would be required to meet the minimum of a Bachelors Degree. An instructor with a foreign degree would need to have their degree evaluated for equivalency.

This is an ICCB minimum requirement. Additional requirements are left to the discretion of the hiring institution.


Q3. Are there a minimum number of hours required for the New Teacher Orientation?

A3. There is no minimum hour requirement. There are required topics that must be covered and sufficient time should be scheduled to provide adequate coverage of these. These specific requirements are still under development.

This is an ICCB minimum requirement. Additional requirements are left to the discretion of the hiring institution.


Q4. Is the new teacher orientation an orientation to the hiring institution or to Adult Education?

A4. New Teacher Orientation is an orientation to Adult Education. Any orientation to the hiring institution would be handled separately and would not exempt new hires in adult education from the new teachers’ orientation. However, programs may choose to combine these orientations, as appropriate.

This is an ICCB minimum requirement. Additional requirements are left to the discretion of the hiring institution.


Q5. If the teacher is coming from another Adult Ed institution will he/she need to complete another orientation at the new hiring institution?

A5. According to ICCB guidelines, if the teacher has already completed new teacher orientation, he/she can provide evidence of completion to the new hiring institution. The teacher should maintain evidence of completion. However, a program may require a new hire to attend their own new teacher orientation. New teacher orientation is not the same as an institutional orientation (though some programs may combine these).

This is an ICCB minimum requirement. Additional requirements are left to the discretion of the hiring institution.


Q6. Is completion of the new teacher orientation required before the new teacher can start?

A6. No, however it is recommended that new teacher orientation be completed as close to the start as possible to ensure the teachers’ smooth entry into the adult education classroom and to provide students with qualified and prepared instructors.


Q7. Does a program have to release a teacher who has less than a Bachelors degree beginning in FY07, based upon the BA requirement at that time?

A7. No, those who are currently serving in this capacity are Grand fathered in. Beginning in FY07, all newly hired teachers must have a minimum of a bachelors degree.


Q8. Does every teacher have to attend new teacher orientation?

A8. Beginning in FY07, all new teachers must attend New Teacher Orientation. Current teachers are exempt. Contact your local service center for details.


Q9. What are the requirements to be an Adult Education Program Director?

A9. ICCB does not have any requirements. Ultimately it is up to the program’s discretion what qualifications they require of a Director, taking into consideration the larger entity’s policy if necessary.


Q10. I would like to send two of my staff members to an out-of-state professional development event. What is the procedure that I need to follow?

A10. For more than one program person to attend, an Out-of-State travel form must be submitted to the ICCB. The form is in the Forms Tab of your Provider Manual.