Governor Bruce Rauner
Chair Dr. Lazaro Lopez
Executive Director Dr. Karen Hunter Anderson

Illinois Community College Board

Federal Perkins Allocations
Fiscal year 2019 allocations are based on CTE Pell count.  This is the third year allocations have been based on CTE Pell count versus overall Pell count.  The CTE Pell count is derived from self-reported information provided by the college to the ICCB.  Since these counts have not been such high stakes in the past, these allocations will include a 5% loss limit; this is the third and final fiscal year the loss limited will be implemented. This 5% loss limit is calculated based upon the difference between overall Pell count and CTE Pell count.

FY2019 Perkins Allocations

FY2018 Perkins Allocations

State CTE Formula Allocations
State CTE allocations for both fiscal years 2017 and 2018 have been provided through P.A. 100-0021 fulfilling the maintenance of effort requirement by the Carl D. Perkins Law.

Fiscal Year 2018

Fiscal Year 2017

Accessing Funds
Federal funds shall be disbursed to the Grantee on a reimbursement basis.  Payment requests shall be made using the specific payment request form provided to you by ICCB Fiscal Staff. Please contact Patrick Walwer at for assistance.

Final payment requests must be submitted no later than August 1st of the following fiscal year. For additional guidance on accessing and managing grant funds, refer to your contractual agreement.

Funding Deadlines
Both fiscal and programmatic administrators should be conscious of the funding deadlines provided in order to ensure reimbursement. These deadlines are specific to the Perkins grant and may vary for other grant opportunities made available by the ICCB.

June 30th  Grant funds must be obligated
June 30th  Good/products must be ordered and services must be rendered
August 1st  Grant funds must be requested
August 31st  Grant funds must be expended and all goods/products received

For more information on specific state and federal regulations and guidelines, visit the websites below: